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Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

Why does Miss A’s Suzy prefer skirts to pants?

The girl group Miss A’s Suzy was spotted with her “frank” figure.
Recently, a video clip that recorded Suzy taking professional shots with the other members of her group was posted on an online community board. The video shows Suzy posing with a bright face in a warm, friendly atmosphere.
She is wearing a jacket and a skirt and generates an elegant, innocent look. But because of the short length of her skirt, most of Suzy’s legs were exposed.
As living up to her image as a healthy girl group member, her legs appear to be somewhat “different” from the ones of any other girl groups. Netizens who saw her figure commented, “I see why Suzy often wears skirts than pants.” The reason is because the pants emphasize on the legs while skirts cover the “not-so-slim” legs.
Also in her real life, Suzy prefers to wear costumes with cute styles to hot pants or miniskirts that emphasize on the legs.

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