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Selasa, 26 Maret 2013

Cheondung, of MBLAQ, has been cast in the drama series Nail Shop Paris

According to a March 25 report from J Tune Entertainment, Cheondung will play one of the lead characters, Jin, the youngest nail artist in the drama series Nail Shop Paris, which will air on the cable channel MBC Drama Net. Jin is a very charming, friendly character, so everone loves him. Cheondung will change his chic style into a bright, lovely style for the drama.

A J Tune Entertainment spokesperson says, “He has shown enthusiasm by actually learning the nail art himself. There might be something left to be desired because this is his first gig as an actor. Please keep watching how he handles his challenges in various fields.

Nail Shop Paris is a romantic comedy about nail artists in a popular nail shop setting. Kara’s Park Kyuri, Jun Jihoo, and Song Jaerim will appear in the series. It is scheduled to begin broadcasting in April.

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