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Selasa, 26 Maret 2013

A teaser for Lee Hi’s new song “Rose” will be released at midnight on the 25th

Lee Hi’s agency, YG Entertainment, reported in a press release on the 25th that a teaser for her new song “Rose” would be released the same day at midnight. Prior to this, on the 23rd, the company had released a dreamlike image of Lee Hi wearing a garland of pink and white roses on its official blog.
“Rose” will be strike the public as familiar because it is of the R&B house genre. It is expected to gain quick acceptance because Lee Hi has previously released songs such as the retro-soul “1,2,3,4″ and the jazzy blues number It’s Over,” which are somewhat difficult to accept as popular music. People are curious about her new style, having seen that she lookeds more beautiful than ever with a fresh, cheerful appearance that suited her age of 16 when she did her song “It’s Over.”
Lee Hi will release a music video of the title song, “Rose,” along with her studio album First Love on upcoming March 28th.

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