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Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

FT Island celebrates its 10th Japanese single and will go on a concert tour in June

The group FT Island recently held an event to commemorate the release of its 10th Japanese single, You Are My Life. According to a report made by FT Island’s agency on March 28, “Over 300 fans gathered in Yokohama’s Osanbashi Hall on March 27 to hear FT Island talk and perform live. The group entered the hall walking on the red carpet in a ceremonial atmosphere like that of the music video of “You Are My Life.” They gave a passionate performance the song.” They introduced the song by saying, “It’s a ballad that is different from our previous songs and puts you in the mood of the spring season.” The lead vocalist, Lee Hong Ki, expressed his impressions, saying, “This song creates an atmosphere that is quite different from our previous songs, so I tried to sing it in a relaxed mood when we recorded it. It was not easy, but it gives us a chance to present you with a different type of performance by FT Island.”
At the event, FT Island showed the quintessence of live performance, singing “Like the Birds” and “Beautiful World,” which are on the 9th Japanese EP, Polar Star.
FT Island spoke of their aspirations, saying, “We are planning to have tour Japanese arenas in June. We are doing our best to show you something new in our performances. We hope you’ll look forward to it.”

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