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Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Infinite sweeps music sales, taking first to sixth places

According to an announcement made by their agency on March 28, Infinite’s new album, New Challenge, ranked top on the Hanteo Album Chart the day after its release and swept ranks one to six on the real-time music chart. The earlier solo album, Another Me, by the group leader, Kim Sung Gyu, and the album Fly High of Infinite H, a sub-group of Infinite, also ranked on the list.
An agency official said all the group’s albums ranked in the top 20 on the Hanteo Chart on March 26. Their earlier albums are also selling again because of the boosting effect of the new album release. It is good news for the company and will increase revenues, but if more than one album by the same singer compete with each other, there can be a negative effect on sales figures that broadcasting stations use to rank albums, because they base their rankings not on the sales of albums by group but on how high individual songs on an album ranked.

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