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Jumat, 05 April 2013

BtoB releases its first new song in seven months

On April 4, BtoB’s agency reported: “It has been one year since BtoB’s debut last March. BtoB will release a new love song, “The Second Confession,” in commemoration of its first anniversary. “The Second Confession” is a sweet song that puts you in a springtime mood. The song has a easygoing melody that a whole generation can relate to.”
A spokesperson for the group says that the song begins with a narrative about the feelings of a man who is making a second confession to a woman he has broken up with. The song features lyricism with witty yet sincere words.
“The Second Confession” is in a sense a serenade to the group’s fans, showing a new side of the group through a sweeter, softer appeal than that of BtoB’s previous powerful performances.
BtoB has some suprises in store to accompany the release of “The Second Confession” as a digital single on online music websites on the 10th of April.

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