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Jumat, 05 April 2013

Infinite takes the top spot on M-Countdown

The boy group Infinite ranked first on M-Countdown on April 4 with the new song “Man in Love” after getting back on the show on March 28. When it was confirmed that they were number one after competing with the female duo Davichi, the group expressed their gratitude by saying, “First of all, thank you for all the fans who are here today and fans who are watching on TV. We’re glad we’ve stayed healthy even with our hectic schedule. We will show our fans further progress day by day in a humble manner.”
The group also took the top ranking for the second time on music charts after SBS’s Ingigayo aired on March 31. “Man in Live” is the title song of their fourth EP, New Challenge.
Other singers who appeared on the same show were K-Will, Davichi, Lee Hi, ZE:A 5, Girl’s Day, Lunafly, Delight, and Pure.

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