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Senin, 29 April 2013

G-Dragon performs 21 songs despite his injury

On April 29, YG entertainment reported that G-dragon, who is on his concert tour 2013 World Tour—One of a Kind, started his “Dome Special” in Japan on the 6th of April. He hurt his ankle yet successfully finished the second concert in Osaka at the Kyocera Dome on April 28th.
 The agency says: “G-Dragon gave a confident performance and won the fans’ hearts despite having sprained his ankle during the first Osaka concert on the 27th of April. He could not walk well; nevertheless, he performed energetically using a stick and a Segway and did 21 songs. Dae Sung surprisingly appeared at the concert after hearing the news of G-Dragon’s injury, showing their close friendship. Dae Sung was in Tokyo practicing for his solo tour. He visited the Kyocera Dome to encourage G-Dragon.”
 Dae Sung performed the group’s hit songs “Bad boy” and “Fantastic Baby” with a special guest, Tae Yang, and the host, G-Dragon, and they captivated the audience of 50,000.
By April 29, G-Dragon will have performed for a total audience of about 150,000 in just three days in Osaka. He will perform at the Nagoya Dome for two days from June 1.

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