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Kamis, 25 April 2013

Super Junior are the first Korean artists to give a concert in Argentina

Super Junior captivated Argentine fans’ hearts at the concert they held in Luna Park Stadium, in Buenos Aires on April 23 for a gathering 8,000 local fans. This is a meaningful event because it is the first concert held in the region by Korean pop stars.
The group performed 24 songs, including several of their hits and ballads, and also gave some funny performances.
At a press conference held prior to the concert, 20 local media, including C5N, Telenoche, La Nacion, La Capital, and Reuters, attended to report on the K-pop idols. On April 22, the day when the group landed in the country, a large crowd gathered at the airport and hotel, singing the group’s songs and occupying the street at night.
Having finished the concerts in Brazil and Argentina, Super Junior will continue their tour in Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile, on April 25.

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