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Kamis, 25 April 2013

Ukiss heats up the night with Collage Tour in Singapore

Last weekend, the Coliseum was filled with screaming fans as Ukiss held their Collage Tour. It was a highly anticipated concert for Singapore Kissmes as it was their first time performing songs from their latest album ‘Collage’ and it has also been a long time since they were in Singapore.
Despite of the warm weather, Ukiss members still put in their best and gave fans an energetic and passionate performance. Not only did they perform new songs from ‘Collage’ album, but also their all-time hit songs such as ‘Manmanhani’, ’0330′ and ‘Neverland’.
In addition to performing songs that have already been released, for the benefit of Singapore Kissmes, uBeat (sub-unit consisting of Eli, AJ and Kevin) also revealed a little bit of their song during the concert! Although it was only one line from the chorus but fans simply went crazy upon hearing it.
And who says concert can’t include elements of a fanmeet? Ukiss gave so much fan service than you could ever have imagined. The members picked a fangirl who seemed to be the most enthusiastic fan and invited her up onto the stage! They then took a photo with the girl upon hearing her request. That’s not all, even though not everyone gets to be so lucky to go on stage, but many fans actually got towels from Ukiss members. One of the most amazing moment has to be when Kiseop took a fan’s camera and took a selca with it!
Gwiyomi? Gwiyomi! The members also prepared a special present to fans – all 7 members did their own version of Gwiyomi! Fans got to see a total of 7 different versions of Gwiyomi (such as ‘cute, sexy, musculine…’) depending on the character of each member.
It was a night to remember and treasure, many fans broke into tears as the concert came to an end. Before the members left the stage, they promised the fans that they will be back again in Singapore really soon.
For more photos of the concert, you may visit Jig Asia’s Facebook page here.

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