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Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

2NE1′s Gong Min Ji shows off her mature look in a gold dress

2NE1′s Gong Min Ji recently showed off her mature look.
On February 26, YG Entertainment posted a picture on their official me2day account with the comment, “Another behind the scenes picture of Min Ji thanks to the explosive response. Even though the picture was taken with a cell phone, it looks like a pictorial. Her pose is as good as a professional model. She’s so attractive.”
In the picture, Gong is wearing a gold dress with funny sunglasses. Her pose and facial expression look professional. She is sitting on a chair while putting her legs next to each other. She is also showing off her feminine appeal while putting both her hands on her knees.
People who saw the picture responded: “She’s modest.” “She’s cute.” “She has a sharp chin.” “She usually looks like a baby but she looks powerful in the pictorial.” “That dress is unique.” “She looks beautiful.”
2NE1 will release their new EP in the first half of the year.

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