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Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

Song Joong Ki visits and supports Jo In Sung

Actor Song Joong Ki recently visited the set where Jo In Sung was shooting his TV series.
On February 27, an official for SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series That Winter, The Wind Blows said, “Song and Lee Kwang Soo visited the set and treated us to a meal. I think they wanted to make it a quiet visit.”
The official added, “Jo was so happy to see Song. The entire staff enjoyed the meal.”
Song has also visited the set with Kim Ki Bang before. Song and Jo have known each other since they were working for the same agency, Sidus HQ. Song made his first appearance on the movie A Frozen Flower as an actor and Jo appeared on the same movie prior to joining the army. Jo and Lee met for the first time when they shot a TV commercial together.
The series is a classic melodrama written by writer No Hee Kyung and produced by Kim Kyu Tae. Besides Jo, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Beom, and A pink’s Jung Eun Ji appear on the series.

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