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Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

Eugene introduces the new beauty trend: Neon colors are in


Eugene, a multi-talented beauty who stars in MBC’s A Hundred Years’ Inheritance and hosts Onstyle’s Get It Beauty, has done it again, wowing many with her new poster for her beauty show. Get It Beauty has become one of the most popular beauty shows in the nation, largely thanks to its beautiful emcee and the “Blind Test” segment that compares cosmetic products. In the poster, the vivid-colored makeup accentuates Eugene’s exquisite facial structure and flawless skin. Onstyle commented, “The show now leads the beauty trend in Korea. We wanted to visualize the make-up keyword of the new season, “neon colors”, by using bright eye shadows and lip colors. The next episode of Get It Beauty will air on February 27 at 11pm, with the new theme “The Original Beauty Bible”.

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