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Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

2AM work with Iruma for their new album

2AM were recently spotted working with pianist and composer Iruma.
On February 20, Bit Hit Entertainment, 2AM’s agency uploaded three pictures of 2AM members working in a studio with Iruma on 2AM’s official Facebook page.
In the pictures, Iruma is having a conversation with Jo Kwon, Jung Jin Woon, and Im Seul Ong. The serious face of Im, listening to Iruma, is especially attracting a lot of attention.
2AM recently released the tracklist of the songs contained in their new album. 2AM will work on the album in collaboration with indie musician Epitone Project, Iruma, Band Norifly’s Kwon Soon Kwan, and hit song makers Kim Do Hoon, Bang Si Hyuk, and Kim Ki Bum.
2AM will release the new album, One Spring Day, on March 5.

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