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Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

Kim Jun Hee in Singapore: She shows off her flawless figure

Actress Kim Jun Hee went on a trip to Singapore over the New Year’s break and posted beautiful photos of herself on her personal blog. On February 20, she commented on her photos, “I went to Singapore on business and vacation.” She added, “I have been too busy with TV shows and new clothes in my shop to post more things on my blogs. I am going to keep my energy up and work harder. Have a great day filled with only fabulous things!”
Kim Jun Hee, who owns a very successful online shopping mall, undoubtedly has great sense of fashion. In all of her photos, she is wearing very casual outfits that all flatter her gorgeous figure very well.
Fans responded: “She looks fabulous in little tank tops.” “She makes me want to go on a diet.” “I’m jealous she went to Singapore.”

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