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Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun says, “Sun Ye is doing well and having a wonderful time with her husband.”

The Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun, who recently jumped into musical acting, recently talked about how Sun Ye is doing. On the afternoon of February 21, she met with Starnews in Shinsadong and said, “I talk with Sun Ye often. She says that Canada’s cold and it’s snowing heavily there. She’s doing well. I was jealous because she told me that the air is clean there. I am glad that Sun Ye is with her husband, who knows her well and takes good care of her.”
On January 26, the Wonder Girls’ leader Sun Ye married Korean-Canadian missionary James Park, whom she met during a mission trip to Haiti. Since it is unusual for such a young idol singer to get married, Sun Ye’s wedding created a stir among the fans in and out of Korea.
Ye Eun stated, “Some people are worried about the disbandment of Wonder Girls due to Sun Ye’s marriage, but that will never happen. This is a good opportunity for our members to cultivate and improve their abilities. Other members, including me, will appear in various fields such as TV series and musicals with improved abilities.”
Currently Yu Bin is preparing to act in a traditional drama, OCN’s The Virus, for the first time, and So Hee and Hye Lim are also getting ready to reveal their new charms in various fields. Ye Eun challenged herself to the musical field and use her musical skills.
The musical The Three Musketeers is about the adventures of d’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. Ye Eun will play the role of d’Artagnan’s first love, Constance.
Through this musical, Ye Eun, who previously showed off her skill in songwriting, is expected to show her abilities in singing and acting too. Other idol stars, including 2PM’s Joon K, 2AM’s Changmin, and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, will also act in the musical. Ye Eun’s performance will premiere from February 22.

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