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Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

Are Jim Sturgess and Bae Doona having an off-screen romance?

Yes, we all found the chemistry betwen Bae Doona and Jim Sturgess very convincing in Cloud Atlas. However, there might be more than just an on-screen romance, as the two are rumored to be in a romantic relationship in real life. 
When the Korean actress and British actor visited Korea last year to promote their movie, fans noticed the affectionate glances and physical contacts between them. Some even assumed that they were together and called them by a common nickname, “Jim-Doona.” When Starnews asked Bae Doona about the possible romance between them, she denied it very strongly.
So why don’t we just believe her? One, we think they are extremely cute together. Two, an online entertainment news source recently posted a photo of the two, walking arm in arm in Venice Beach, California. Bae Doona and her agency are currently out of reach, so we will just have to wait to find out whether or not their on-screen romance has continued in real life.

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