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Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

Italian Cassiopeias share the “TVXQ Live World Tour Catch Me In Italy” project

On the occasion of the new Korean album “Catch Me” and after the announcement of the upcoming World Tour (TVXQ! Live World Tour “Catch Me”) , the Italian cassiopeias decided to draw the attention on their own country in order to have a chance of having a concert in Italy, since the tour is meant to be worldwide.
The project was organized by DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ ITALIA and Changmin Italia, which had joined their forces and decided to create a video. It is made by the photos of some Italian Cassies in order to represent all the fans in the country. In the video, the fans are holding papers with phrases of support for TVXQ!, there are also cute fanarts and other amazing ideas the staff had organized for the group!
TVXQ! is one of the most influential and famous group in both, Korea and abroad, and of course in Italy they have their Cassiopeias who always support them.

Have you ever done a video-project in order to have a concert in your own country?

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