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Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

ZE:A’s Dongjun to shoot Love and Battle 2 with Jewelry’s Yewon

Jewelry’s Yewon recently released a picture of herself with ZE:A’s Dongjun.
On February 19, a picture was uploaded on Jewelry’s official Twitter account with the comment, “Yewon and Dongjun! They just finished the press interview for the special episode of KBS 2TV’s Love and Battle 2. Please give them your interest and support.”
In the picture, Yewon and Dongjun are in a friendly pose. They’re showing off their good-looking faces with a bright smile. Their small faces and clean-cut features look alike.
People who read the news responded: “I’ll look forward the episode of Love and Battle 2.” “I’m so excited about their acting.” “I’ll look forward to your acting, Yewon.” “Are they acting? Awesome.” “They’re so cute.” “They look good together.” “They look like brother and sister.”
The episode of Love and Battle 2, Yewon and Dongjun appear in, tells a story about newly married couple in their twenties. After getting to know about each other’s real personality, they go through difficult married life. It will air on March 8.

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