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Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang: “Long time no see!”

B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang recently said hello to his fans.
On February 20, Lee tweeted a picture with the comment, “Long time no see. Isn’t it nice to see me?”
In the picture, Lee is covering half of his face with a bed cover and staring at the camera. Even though his hair looks disheveled, his handsome appearance drew a lot of attention.
People who saw the picture responded: “You make my heart flutter.” “You look tired.” “Thank you for the self portrait.” “I want to see your whole face.” “You’re handsome.” “You are not wearing makeup?” “He looks handsome even with disheveled hair.”
Lee flew to Japan on February 20 to attend the ’2013 United Cube Concert in Yokohama.’

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