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Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Is f(x)’s Krystal interested in Super Junior’s Eunhyuk?

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk drops a bombshell as he said that f(x)’s Krystal seemed to be interested in him.
In the episode of MBC’s Section TV Celebrity News that aired on February 22, Super Junior and f(x) members appeared together at a commercial shooting set.
In an interview, Eunhyuk said, “Krystal seems to be interested in me. She greets others happily, but when it comes to me, she passes by saying, ‘Hm!’” On hearing that, Krystal becomes embarrassed and said, “You’re overdoing it.”
Super Junior’s Siwon added, “There’s eight years of age difference between you guys,” Krystal called him, “Uncle.” Faking his anger, Eunhyuk said, “What are you saying!” and inspired laughter.
The reporter asked Krystal and Sulli what they wanted to do when they turn 20. Sulli said, “I want to listen to the songs that are prohibited to minors.” Krystal replied, “I want to get my license.” Then Eunhyuk inspired laughter again as he added, “Probably because she want to go on a drive with me.”

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