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Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

U-KISS and Their Jakarta Visit Update

Despite the long postponement to U-KISS Jakarta‘s visit that will run for two days and was changed to show their humanity to the Jakarta flood victims, new news has been just dispatched – for two days, all members of the band will be present with AJ coming back from the States to have a sign, sing, play games, high-5 session and hug party!
Kiss Me’s who already has kept their tickets safe will have to note that the venue has been changed into Britama Arena-Sportsmall Kelapa Gading. Seating plans and ticket packages remains the same, but with the addition of the homecoming member and with their new tracks to promote, now their fanmeet is going to a whole new level of pure fun!
Now who isn’t looking forward to talk like friends to Kevin, AJ and Eli, share cute faces with the handsome Kiseop and maknae Dongho, and let the power vocals Seohyun and Hoon take the stage?

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