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Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

The new song of B2ST’s Jun Hyung will be released in an R-rated version

On February 21, Jun Hyung (of B2ST), Feeldog, and LE (of EXID)’s “You Got Some Nerve” was released on online music sites in a PG-13 version. It’s a song created by the rappers from B2ST, Bigstar, and EXID. The song was earlier rated R by SBS TV. At the request of fans, the song was rereleased in a PG-13 version. It’s co-composed by Brave Brothers and Elephant Kingdom, and the lyrics of the song were written by Brave Brothers, Chacoon, Junhyung, and LE. Based on a strong hip-hop sound, the lyrics are very provocative and straightforward.
The song became one of the most searched items on such major portal sites as Naver, Daum, and Nate when it was released. It’s also in the upper ranks of such major charts as Melon, Bugs, and Mnet. The rap part, “Don’t hang up on me. I’m talking now. I’m not finished yet. You got some nerve,” is especially attracting a lot of attention on social networking sites.

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