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Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Kim Tae Woo does a cover of a Chinese song

Singer Kim Tae Woo recently included “LOVEcoaster,” a cover song of the Chinese song, “The Beauty.”
On February 21, Kim’s agency reported, “Sunnan did a cover of Kim Tae Woo’s ‘Love Rain’ in 2011. The cover version, ‘My Summer Rain,’ received a lot of attention in China at the time. As they became friends after that, Kim Tae Woo did a cover of Sunnan’s ‘The Beauty’ this time. He included it in his new EP, T-Love, under the new title of ‘LOVEcoaster.’”
Kim’s agency also said, “Kim Tae Woo is planning to enter the Chinese market with ‘LOVEcoaster.’ He already shot a music video of the song with Sunnan and interacted with him musically in Korea and China. Sunnan said he would do everything for Kim Tae Woo to become popular in China.”
“LOVEcoaster,” to which Kim wrote lyrics, describes the rollercoaster feelings of lovers. It’s a song characterized by a vintage drum sound, a punk guitar sound, and a spectacular bass sound.
Besides the song, “Oppa,” in which Megan Lee was featured, “Tto Tto,” a song about a man who is secretly in love, and “Whenever, Wherever,” a song like a lullaby that father sings to his daughter, are contained in Kim’s new album.
Kim will perform the lead track of his new album on Mnet’s M Countdown on February 21.

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