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Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Heartthrob Hyun Bin is ready to meet his fans in Singapore

Yes you heard it right! Korean hearttrob Hyun Bin will be in Singapore this April to meet the fans! Hyun Bin rose to fame in 2005 when he acted in the Korean drama My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. His popularity further skyrocketed after his 2010 hit drama Secret Garden. At the peak of his career, Hyun Bin enlisted into the military in March 2011. The “Hyun Bin Fever” never goes away even though the artist left the entertainment scene for 2 years. Fans across the world waited patiently for their idol and rejoice when Hyun Bin was discharged from the military in December 2012. To date, Hyun Bin continues to be one of the most sought after commercial models and actors.
Despite his tight schedule due to many projects on hand, Hyun Bin sets fan meeting as his top priority. Hyun Bin has only held fan meeting in South Korea and Japan. For the first time, he is traveling in Asia between March and April to meet and greet his fans. Singapore is the final leg of Hyun Bin First Asia Fan Meeting Tour. Fans were surprised and overjoyed when Faith & D Entertainment released news that Hyun Bin will be staging a fanmeet to meet his fans in Singapore. It is indeed a dream coming true to fans in Singapore to meet the superstar up close and personal.
This fan meeting promises a fun-filled evening and an emotional connection experience with Hyun Bin. Fans will be “wow” by the elaborate concert stage and the special effects specially created for the event. Hyun Bin will unleash his singing talent during the fan meeting. There will also be a lot of interaction between the artist and audiences. Hyun Bin Fan Meeting Tour In Singapore is definitely an event not to be missed!
So take out your calendar and mark down the date! Hyun Bin First Asia Fanmeeting Tour in Singapore will be held on 27th April at The Max Pavilion. This event is organized by Faith & D Entertainment and O& Entertainment, and produced by Superdome Production Co., Ltd.
For more infos regarding the fanmeet and ticketing, please visit Faith & D Entertainment’s facebook page here.

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