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Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Teen Top’s Niel shows his intimacy towards producer Brave Brothers, “They are like brothers in the neighborhood.”

Teen Top’s Niel revealed his intimacy with producer Brave Brothers.
In the press conference, Teen Top First Album No.1 that was held at Interpark Art Center in Mapo Seogyo Dong on February 26, Niel talked about how he works in perfect harmony with Brave Brothers.
Niel said, “I think we work in harmony because we have worked with each other for a long time. They are so kind to our members. They feel like older brothers in the neighborhood.”
Brave Brothers and Teen Top showed off their perfect harmony with “Crazy” “To You” and “Be Ma Girl.”
There are twelve songs from various genres such as dance, R&B, soul, and ballad in their first official album. Their title song, “Miss Right” has a fast tempo and addicting chorus melodies.

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