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Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Teen Top’s first full-length album: Here goes their album cover

On February 25, T.O.P. Media released Teen Top’s very first full-length album titled “No.1,” that includes 12 tracks and a photo book containing 80 great images of the six members. The long-awaited album was made ambitiously by a noted producer Brave Brothers. Many fans were thrilled all day long, first to be able to enjoy the album cover and some tracks at noon, and a music video later on the same day.
In addition to the 12 tracks, the photo book is definitely a real treat for the fans. The images used in the album cover were photographed in France by a celebrity photographer, and each member’s unique styling is worth mentioning. From the top left corner, Ricky has dark frame glasses on to match his darker printed suit, while Changjo pulls off a bold floral pattern suit. L.Joe goes all-black, with a black hat, a black jacket, and sunglasses, whereas Chunji rocks a graphic T-shirt and a pink jacket that go very well together. Niel shows off a high-fashion look in his black and white outfit, while C.A.P looks almost mythical with his all-white outfit of a hat and a cape. If you are interested in seeing more photos, get your hands on Teen Top’s new album and see for yourself if it deserves it name, “No.1″.

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