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Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Sandara Park prepares CL’s birthday party

2NE1 has fun together whether they are performing on stage or celebrating a member’s birthday. On February 25, Sandara Park tweeted some photos with the comment, “I make a good party planner. I made this awesome cake. Are you impressed?” As you have already guessed, it was CL’s birthday that the creative artist planned the party for. In the photos, she is placing the helium-filled balloons in the room, and she has made an incredibly beautiful cake with CL’s picture on it. In addition, she posted another picture of herself and the birthday girl, CL. She commented, “It’s not a bad picture of us. We are just busy eating the cake.” 
The other members, Park Bom and Minji also posted birthday messages on twitter for their leader’s special day. Fans were happy to do the same. Some of their messages said: “Happy birthday!” “2NE1 members get along so well.” “2NE1 is the best!” “They must have great friendship.”

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