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Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

IU turns into Marilyn Monroe with blond hair and red lips

IU is drawing a lot of attention with her Marilyn Monroe look.
She turned into Marilyn Monroe on the preview for the KBS’s new weekend series The Best Lee Soon Shin.
In the preview, IU is wearing a white dress just like Marilyn Monroe with short blond hair. She looks sexy with red lips and is also parodying the famous Marilyn Monroe pose.
IU previously turned into Charlie Chaplin with a mustache and received considerable attention.
The series is about a mother and a daughter finding their way to live a happy life after her father’s death. Producer Yoon Sung Sik and writer Jung Yoo Kyung are working on the series together and many people are eagerly anticipating the series.
IU will play the role of Lee Soon Shin, who is always bright and brave even though she is having a hard time. The first episode will air on March 9.

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