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Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Yoo Seung Ho takes a final pictorial before joining the army

Actor Yoo Seung Ho released a final pictorial before he joins the Army.
Yoo, who has become an adult actor through MBC’s series Missing You, showed off his manly appeal through a pictorial that he took for the fashion magazine Bazaar. His interview, which will be his last before joining the army in March, drew a lot of attention.
The fashion brand Gucci also appeared on the pictorial with Yoo. Colorful shirts and sweater complemented Yoo’s attractive appeal.
Yoo looked good in multiple clothing styles, while walking along the beach in Hawaii.
A staff member who worked with Yoo says, “Yoo did such a great job shooting the pictorial in the cold water. Even though the shooting was hard, he tried to lead the shooting on the set.”
Yoo also talked about his acting career and military service, which has drawn a lot of attention. The pictorial will be published in the March issue of the magazine.

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