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Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

The Wonder Girls members support Yu Bin of The Virus

Wonder Girls’ Yu Bin recently talked how she feels appearing on a TV series for the first time.
On February 26, Yu Bin attended a press conference for OCN’s series The Virus and said, “Since I’m appearing on a TV series for the first time, I’m very nervous.”
She added, “Veteran actors advise and help me a lot. The production crew and director help me a lot too so I’m enjoying the shooting.”
The series, which contains ten episodes in total, is a mystery thriller about the Special Contagious Disease Crisis Management Team trying to track a lethal mutated virus. Actor Um Ki Joon will play the lead role.
Yu Bin will play the role of an IT specialist named Lee Joo Young. She is a former hacker, who can search any documents at any time.
Yu Bin said, “My group members ask me if it’s not tiring. Luckily, my character is always sitting at an office and do computer work. My group members support me a lot and Ye Eun, who is living with me, supports me a lot too.”
The first episode of the series will air on March 1 at 10:00 p.m.

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